Let’s apply a bit of critical thinking, shall we?

Your claim: “Abortion will never be stopped.”

Nazi claim: “Eugenics in pursuit of the master Aryan race will never be stopped.”

American slave holder: “Slavery will never be stopped.”

South African National Party: “Apartheid will never be stopped.”

You see, it is only small minded people who believe that enormous social shifts are impossible. Millions died fighting against the ideology of the Nazis and hundreds of thousands died ending American slavery. Fortunately, Apartheid was ended with international economic sanctions and internal civil disobedience and protests, not open warfare.

Ask yourself, would you have shamed the Nazi Germans who were killing the disabled, the blind, the deaf, the homosexuals, the Jewish, the Roma,and many, many others? Would you have shamed American slave holders who were selling, whipping, enslaving, and killing African Americans? Would you have shamed the government of South Africa for upholding the segregation of its people based on their race?

I assure you, ending the killing of defenseless unborn human beings is not an impossible aim. It is the right and just thing to do. And I will never ‘give up on my goal and think of one that makes sense’, as you so eloquently put it.

Stand against the killing of your fellow human beings, especially when those human beings are your own sons or daughters, your own nieces or nephews, your own grandsons or granddaughters. Embrace the beauty of life, stand against human abortion. Together, we can end the killing.

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Abortion will never be stopped. It can only be mitigated. When you have an impossible aim, you will miss your target every time. You really are as stupid as people say you are. If shaming people who choose abortion changes minds, shaming people who lack critical thinking should do the same. You should be ashamed of how illogical you are. How can you continue to choose stupidity? Give up on your current goal and think of one that makes sense.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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