Things that do stop abortion:

  • comprehensive sex education
  • access to affordable / free contraception and birth control
  • fighting poverty

Things that do not stop abortion:

  • shaming pregnant people who choose abortion
  • restricting and criminalizing abortion (a standard medical procedure)
  • standing outside of your local clinic chanting like a jackass

Though the first three items on your list do help to curb abortion, and I fully support them, they will NEVER stop abortion. The last three items on your list change minds, leading to a shift from a culture that accepts abortion to one that rejects it. Most unborn children are killed for selfish reasons, and by most I mean well over 90%. These reasons are founded in the belief that a child will negatively disrupt a mother’s life. These reasons include the belief that her pregnancy will alter her reputation, create financial impacts that will alter her lifestyle, stretch marks that will alter her vanity, responsibilities that will alter her freedom, distractions that will alter her sex life, burdens that will alter her happiness, and time investments that will alter her goals.

You see, most women who abort believe that a child will bring them pain and misery. They want to be like men and not have to be pregnant. But women ARE different than men. And it is this difference that should be celebrated, not shunned. It is a sad fact that many young girls have been made to believe that their equality with men hinges on their ability to kill their unborn sons and daughters. And that is a lie we all must expose.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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