I only publish a tiny fraction of these types of messages when received from pro-choice advocates, many of whom align themselves with the malformed ideology that is modern feminism. Here are a few examples…

“I wish your mother would have aborted you”

“I hope you get raped and get knocked up and have to suffer”

“I hope your daughter gets raped and decides to abort your grandchild”

“I hope you die a horrible death”

“I would fuck you just to get pregnant with your baby so I could abort it”

“I wish I could meet you so I could throw chunks of fetuses at you”

“I wish you would die, nobody wants you here”

“you are a piece of shit and you should kill yourself”

“I would put an AK-47 against your head”

“People like you should never had been born”

“you deserve to suffer”

“I hope you die a lonely death”

When your ‘cause’ is based on the right to kill living children on demand and without apology while they are awaiting their birth, kindness is hardly going to be your dominate trait. The idea that a mother should be able to absolve herself of the responsibility to nurture and protect her own child, whether yet born or not, by poisoning or butchering that child, represents the darkest nature of our human condition.

Being Pro-Life represents the better part of our human nature. It is a philosophy based on the beauty and dignity of all human life. It says that nothing else is more important than each other. It is founded on the belief that some things are worth sacrificing for, the most important of which is an innocent human child. That the most vulnerable and defenseless among us deserve the deepest of loves and the strongest of protections. That we all matter, no matter what.

Choose Life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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