Warning: The video on the other end of this link contains disturbing images of abortion.

No matter where you stand on the abortion debate, you need to know what abortion looks like.

If abortion is no big deal, then these images should also be no big deal.

If, however, this video disturbs you, take a moment to think about the 115,068 abortions performed worldwide every single day.

I don’t expect this video to change anyone’s mind about abortion. I do expect everyone who takes the abortion issue seriously to watch this video or look at images of abortion. No matter which side you argue for, you need to know what you’re arguing about.

Are you post-abortive? Do these images bring back painful memories of your own abortion? I invite you to click here and seek healing and support. You do not have to deal with that pain alone.

Are you pregnant? Do you need alternatives to what you saw in the video? Please click here and find your local CPC or PRC that can connect you with the resources you need.

After watching this video, do you feel a need to do more to stop what you saw in the video from continuing to happen?

We need your help.

Christians: Please join your local 40 Days for Life campaign in praying peacefully for an end to abortion. The international efforts of 40 Days for Life have saved at least 8,245 lives so far from what you saw in the video. The Spring campaign begins tomorrow (Ash Wednesday), so sign up now!

Everyone: Now that you’re ready to act, find your local Pro-Life advocacy group. Google “[your city name] pro-life“ or ”[your city name] right to life“ and look at the different groups. Research their tactics and stances on various issues. Find a group you agree with and like, and contact them about how you can help. You can also use this link to find your local Crisis Pregnancy Center or Pregnancy Resource Center. I promise they’ll have something for you to do!

Atheists/Non-Religious people: If you feel like you’re the only one not using the Bible to defend a Pro-Life stance, you should know that you’re not! There are many Pro-Life people who either don’t practice any particular religion or who base their Pro-Life apologetics on secular reasoning. Check out Secular Pro-Life and Pro-Life Humanists to get started.

Everyone can do something.

Educate yourself. Speak up. Act like a Pro-Life advocate.

Do You Know What Abortion Looks Like?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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