You stated that she doesn’t want an abortion. It is critically important that she does not kill her child, not only for her child’s sake, but for hers. She will spend the rest of her life having to cope with the crushing guilt of what she did and will never stop thinking about what could have been.

Obviously, it’s impossible to hide this from her parents. I am a parent of two girls and a boy. As much as I would like my girls to finish college and have great jobs with great partners who love and support them before having children, I know that life isn’t always wrapped up in a pretty little bow. If they were to become pregnant before they are ready, I would ensure they have every resource they need to love and protect their child, as well as themselves. Though not all parents think this way, the vast majority do. Even if her parents react differently and want her to kill their grandchild, make sure she realizes that she is that child’s mother and no one can make her kill her son or daughter. It is her responsibility to protect her child.

Have her call the Option Line at 800-712-HELP. If she is not in the United States, please help her by searching online for her local Crisis Pregnancy Center. It is important that you point her to Pro-Life organizations. If she goes anywhere else, especially to a Planned Parenthood, they will lead her toward abortion. Abortion is what they sell and it is their number one profit generator. Remember, they are in business to make money and want to perform as many abortions as they possibly can – they want to kill as many children as they possibly can.

Finally, have her watch the videos I linked to above. Also ask her to watch this video and visit my archive. You now have a responsibility for the human life growing inside of her and you must do everything you legally can to protect her child from being poisoned or slaughtered. Show your acquaintance that you love her and that you will always be there for her. Become her best friend and help her to bear this burden. It takes a village to grow and protect our young. Change begins with you.

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Please help: an acquaintance is ~2 mos pregnant. Her boyfriend gave her $$ for the abortion and then cut her out of his life. She is very upset and doesn\'t want to go through w/ abortion. But she\'s afraid of medical costs of having a baby and she doesn\'t want her parents to know. What can I do to help her???

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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