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You are buying in to the demonization of the messenger. It is a complete fallacy that the Pro-Life community writ large does not care for children once born. We focus our efforts on the children facing poisoning or slaughter because they have no protection under the law. If your child was on fire, would you first try to extinguish the flames or would you take the time to donate money to a children’s burn unit before saving her life?

Every movement, every organization, and every society has a few ‘bad apples’ that misrepresent their intent or values. Stop focusing on the tiny minority to justify your position. Instead of standing by while innocent children are dying all around you, perhaps you should stand in their defense. Though I am not religious, I know that you are. So ask yourself, what would Jesus do?

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I still can\'t find myself in why I should be pro life. I think and think and think and all the time pro life people are very pro birth, not pro life. Otherwise we would find them working to use their money to help a child fed, a child clothed, a child educated. But no, they just care only up until it\'s born, then they could give less a care about it. Not only that, but some call it a drain on them system and \'why should I spend money on that slut\'s baby?!\' type talk. Pro life doesn\'t exist.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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