You are shallow beyond words. She feels the way she does because of people LIKE YOU. She does not have a rapist’s eyes, she has HER EYES. You are transferring the guilt of her biological grandfather to her and that is wrong. Should she not have children because the eyes of her grandmother’s rapist will be genetically continued? And who is to say you are not the descendant of a rapist from ten or twenty generations past?

Let’s take your argument for killing children conceived through rape a step farther. Each and every one of us are descendants of those who came before us. Now roll back the clock a few hundred thousand years. Do you think that we had all of the social constructs in place back then that we have today? Humans mated just like any other animal – the male dominated the female and copulated with her to produce new human beings whether she wanted to or not, just like lions, horses, and dogs do today. In other words, every single one of us are the descendants of a man who forced sex on a woman. Are all of our lives now less valuable? Should we have been aborted to hide the features of the rapists that came before us?

Watch this video and tell me that children conceived through rape should be slaughtered for the crimes of their fathers.

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I know someone who is a grandchild of rape. She has her father\'s eyes. Her father has a rapists eyes. She completely despises that feature about herself as did he. The ONLY Reason he was born was because of the time period. You say that children of rape shouldn\'t be aborted because they live happy lives, but what about the mothers who are forced to carry a reminder of what happened for nine months, forced to give birth and look at that reminder daily? Even adoption leaves a constant reminder.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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