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“The only thing I was told was to be good like Jesus Christ was and help others.”

Do you honestly believe that your Jesus would have helped a pregnant mother kill her child?? Would your Jesus have served as an abortion clinic escort for Planned Parenthood?? Are you really that deluded??

You have EVERY RIGHT to tell someone they shouldn’t kill another human being. If a mother was about to kill her toddler, would you turn your back on that child because you feel that your Jesus wouldn’t want you to shame or judge her??

You want to know who I am to judge? I am a moral human being that knows without the slightest doubt that poisoning or butchering an unborn living human being is unjust and inhuman.

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And if you really must know, the bible isn\'t my lifestyle helper. Never has been. Being an Episcopalian, nobody told me what was sinful and what wasn\'t. The only thing I was told was to be good like Jesus Christ was and help others. Love people. Don\'t hate them. Don\'t shame them either. He who has no sinned may throw the first stone. If a woman wants an abortion, I have no right to tell her she can\'t. Not only that, Jesus says nothing about abortion being wrong. At all. Who are you to judge?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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