Unfortunately, I am unable to send anyone any messages thanks to a coordinated effort by the pro-abortion majority on Tumblr. They have repeatedly signal boosted my posts with a link to Tumblr support encouraging others to report me for confronting those who advocate for the slaughter of unborn children. They prefer to silence their opposition because it is impossible for them to coherently argue for the right to kill defenseless children.

Even if I had the ability to send a message to candyc0rpse, who I will publicly acknowledge as one of the most depraved and selfish human beings I have ever encountered, and that is saying a lot, I would never threaten her. I am only interested in attacking her flawed and dangerous ideology that works to dehumanize the unborn members of our human family, fueling their destruction at the hands of their own mothers.

I admonish the comments of the anon you reference. Candyc0rpse is a fellow human being and her life holds infinite value. I will never stop working to change her heart and mind about the reality of human abortion and the reality of those unborn human beings she holds such low regard for.

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Did you send an anonymous message to candyc0rpse saying that you wanted to put an ak47 to her head and kill her just because she\'s pro-choice, and making fun of the way she looks and the fact that she\'s an outcast? If that was you, then you should feel fucking HORRIBLE about yourself right now. It\'s NEVER okay to say things like that to another person. NEVER.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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