I do not compare abortion to the suffering of the human beings subjected to starvation, enslavement, and slaughter. I compare the IDEOLOGY of these atrocities to the IDEOLOGY that drives abortion. This ideology centers on the dehumanization of a certain class of human beings, in this case, the unborn. Pro-abortion advocates use dehumanizing terms such as ‘parasite’, ‘products of conception’, and ‘clumps of cells’ to refer to the living human beings residing within their mother’s womb. Similar terms were used by the Nazis to refer to the Jews and other victims of their genocide. They, too, called these people ‘parasites’ in an effort to dehumanize them, leading to their mass slaughter – just like abortion has led to the mass slaughter of the unborn.

Don’t delude yourself. Abortion is pure evil driven by pure selfishness. The ability to intentionally kill a defenseless child, your OWN child, cannot be described in any other way. How can we ever be truly civilized when the option to kill your own son or daughter, and in some cases, your twins and triplets, is legal? How can we as a species advance past the human failings of rape, torture, murder, and warfare while we poison and butcher our own living children inside what should be the safest place on earth, their mother’s womb? How?

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Comparing abortion to slavery and the holocaust is trivializing massacres that were done out of pure evilness. Abortion is done out of desperation and in some cases health risk. You\'re ignorant to belittle slavery and the intentional murder of millions because you feel it\'s your moral duty to be pro life. You\'re an ignorant little fuck and will never know the feeling of having to make that difficult choice so fuck you.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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