Which went like this

-walk in
-get/fill out paperwork
-give paperwork to front desk
-cry about how much it was without insurance
-continue crying because that was your portion of the rent money
-finally stop crying
-get called back to pee (not in a cup, just pee)
-wait in the waiting room
-get called back and have your weight/height taken, medical history reviewed, and finger pricked so your blood can be tested to see if it’s positive or negative (my blood is positive so nothing else had to happen)
-back to the waiting room
-get called back and taken to the ultrasound room. Take off your pants and underwear. Feel confused about whether you should leave your shoes on or take them off. You decide to leave them on. The nurse and doctor come in and introduce themselves, but you can’t remember their names. They will do a vaginal ultrasound, which is less terrible than you think it will be. They ask if you would like to see it, if you would like to know if there are multiples, and if you would like a copy of the ultrasound photo. You say yes to the first two questions, but no to the third. They tell you how far along you are (6 weeks and 6 days), show you the picture, and leave. You put your pants back on.
-in the waiting room again
-a different nurse takes you to a little office to explain the procedure, ask about your future birth control plans, and why you wish to end your pregnancy. You respond with “because I don’t want to be pregnant,” which you realize was probably not the right answer when the nurse goes “is it a bad time, are there financial reasons…?” You append your answer to “because I don’t want kids. Ever.” She has you sign some forms and sends you down the hall.
-go to the recovery area, which is an open room that has a number of small areas curtained off.
-sit in a chair
-yet another nurse brings you a little cup of water and goes over the steps again, asking if you have any questions. You say no and she leaves.
-the same doctor from the ultrasound comes over and brings you the first pill. She writes you prescriptions for some pain medicine and an anti-nausea pill. She gives you an antibiotic with the first pill, and asks if you have any other questions. You say no, take the pills (one of them is chalky and grosser than the other, but you don’t ask which one it was), and then that’s it.
-walk back to the waiting room, collect your things, and head to the pharmacy to fill your prescriptions. Realize that for the first time in almost two weeks, you don’t feel nauseous. Feel relieved as fuck.

It took about 3.5 hours in total. Tomorrow afternoon I take the second pills (there are 4 of them) which will actually induce the abortion. The first pill I took this afternoon just kinda stops the pregnancy from continuing (at least I’m pretty sure that’s what it does). In two weeks I’ll go back for a checkup to make sure it was successful. At that appointment I’ll start whatever form of birth control I choose.

So, yeah. Not a bad experience at all. The staff were lovely and helpful and I got what I needed. I don’t think the pain will be that bad, but I have everything I need in case it is.

“So, yeah. Not a bad experience at all.”

Now that you have swallowed the poison to stop your son’s or daughter’s heartbeat, you must be SO elated. You are FREE from providing them life, now you just have to expel his or her dead carcass. You must be so proud of yourself. Really. What an incredible accomplishment. So incredible, in fact, that you couldn’t help yourself from announcing your baby’s poisoning to the world. What an inspiring story.

And the saddest part of all? The only tears you shed were for yourself. You were only saddened by having to pay for your child’s poison. How very pro-choice of you. I bet you are also angry that your child’s death wasn’t paid for by the government. You know, that same government that you want out of your uterus.

I want you to know that I will personally carry the memory of your son or daughter in my heart for the rest of my days. He or she deserved to live their life to the fullest. If only they could have had a mother who placed their welfare before her own self interest. If only they could have been loved and protected.

Your child deserved so much more than you.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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