It does not required any great intelligence to stand against abortion. It is simple common sense that intentionally killing an innocent living human being, regardless of their age, location, or stage of development, it wrong and immoral. You are already making an impact by spreading the truth about abortion. You may have already saved a life by turning a mother’s heart away from the darkness and despair of abortion toward the warmth and hope of life.

Please seek out a Crisis Pregnancy Center if you want to get more involved locally. Also, contact your nearest pro-life organization and join their movement. If there is not a local organization, start one. Find out where your local abortion facilities are and give the children being ushered into the cruel arms of an abortionist one last chance to have their voice heard. The easiest way to find these resources is through a simple Google search. If you live in the USA, a great place to start your journey is with the The National Right to Life.

Finally, never forget that an innocent unborn child with an entire lifetime of experiences ahead of them is slaughtered every 1.4 seconds. That’s 5,000 human lives destroyed every hour. Let this fuel your actions and light your way.

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You should be the leader of the pro-life movement. You are intelligent and speak so greatly even when someone curses and ignorantly blasts off about this subject. I think you are amazing and please never stop/quit your blogs. How can I be more involved in my community? I have noot slightest clue about where to go or who to contact. How can I be an active part in telling the world it is not okay to kill our children!

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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