The Girl Scouts have apologized for seeming to endorse abortion advocate Wendy Davis in a tweet late last month, but the organizers and supporters of a planned boycott of Girl Scout Cookies are not impressed by the statement from the girls’ youth organization.

The endorsement has caused a firestorm of protest among Girl Scouts, their moms, and the public at large. The controversy comes at precisely the wrong time for the Girl Scouts, right in the middle of the cookie-selling season that nets the Girl Scouts somewhere around $700 million.

After the Wendy Davis endorsement, the Girl Scout Twitter feed was filled with tweets from others almost unanimous in condemnation.

If you buy even one box of Girl Scout cookies, you have blood on your hands. A portion of the money you hand over to this organization WILL FUND the death of a living human child. You will have played a part in the mass slaughter of our unborn children.

Confront human abortion. Confront the pro-abortion feminists currently running the Girl Scouts by sending a clear message that you will not help them fund Planned Parenthood’s destruction of a little boy or girl every 94 seconds. How many of these now dead children would have been a Girl Scout someday, but will now never have the chance because this organization helped to fund their slaughter?

Actions have consequences. Stand for the dignity of all human Life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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