I’m really confused about this blog. You say that your stance on abortion is about loving the collective humanity yet your focus on what plagues humanity is narrowly focused on this one thing. Are there other things you champion?


I am concerned about many things that challenge our species, but they are not the focus of my blog. Do you believe that animal rights activists don’t care about battered women? Do you believe that environmentalists don’t care about child abuse? Everyone has a reason why they focus on their particular cause, but that does not mean they don’t care about other issues.

Your premise is the most popular method by which the pro-abortion movement attempts to undermine those fighting for the human rights of every human being. They love to spread the lie that we don’t care about a child once born. Where, after all, should our priorities lie? Preventing their poisoning or dismemberment or making sure they experience an idealistic childhood?

So why did I choose abortion as my cause? When you think about the human condition and you boil away all of the symptoms we constantly diagnose as to why we are so often cruel to one another, you begin to realize something profound. How we see others, and subsequently how we treat others, is driven primarily by how much we value and respect human life. If our respect for this life is so low that we allow, and often push, our children to kill their own children if they come at an inconvenient time, then we are forever lost.

Imagine a world where every human life conceived was cherished and protected in the womb, loved and nurtured for what they truly represent — our best hope for the future. After all, if a mother and a father are willing to literally kill their own living child while at their most defenseless, what does that say about their ability to empathize with those they are far less intimate with? What concern for others can truly be felt by someone who has willfully ended their own child’s life?

Abortion tears at the fabric of our humanity. It rots the very core of our morality, and it warps our understanding of what is right and what is wrong. A world without abortion has a chance to see rape, abuse, torture, murder, and even warfare brought to an end.

If we can value the life of the most vulnerable and defenseless among us, even when we have the power to destroy that life without consequence, we will have learned something new and valuable. We will have learned that each of us holds equal value to all others, no matter the circumstance behind their existence. We will have learned that killing other human beings, no matter how efficient, how professionally done, or how legal, is the wrong thing to do.

This is the world I want to live in and it is the world I am working to provide to the future generations of our human family.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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