NOTHING in my blog is a lie. You just cannot accept the truth that abortion is the slaughter of a child. ABORTION IS THE SLAUGHTER OF A LIVING HUMAN CHILD. I can’t make it any clearer than that. If you advocate for abortion, you are advocating for the killing of REAL human beings. YOU were once an unborn child. YOU were just as REAL and just as ALIVE while in your mother’s womb as you are NOW.

Killing you then would have been NO DIFFERENT than killing you now. You will say that you don’t care because you wouldn’t have known the difference since you were living in the darkness of the womb and were not self aware. Is this somehow different than the 365 times each year that you are dead asleep? Are you not in darkness and unaware of your existence while sleeping? If someone shot you in the head while asleep, would you know the difference? NO. YOU. WOULD. NOT. Yet you would be just as dead as if you had been aborted. Never to know another day of life. In other words, killing you while asleep is the SAME as killing you while unborn.

Know what you advocate for. Abortion is the slaughter of actual living human beings. The act of abortion is just as real as the killing of any other human being at any other stage of life. You can keep trying to convince yourself otherwise, but the reality of abortion will never change. THINK. THINK about what you are doing. If you had been slaughtered while awaiting your turn at birth, you would not be reading this. Just like if someone had shot you in the head last night. Either way, you are just as DEAD. Why would you fight for the killing of people JUST LIKE YOU? Is it because you are now born? Is it because you made it out alive? Is it because you are so SELFISH that you are incapable of protecting those that are gestating, those that are going through the EXACT SAME PROCESS that you went through? They are REAL. They are human beings. They don’t deserve to DIE for the convenience of another.

Stop deluding yourself about what abortion really is. It is the mass slaughter of millions of living human beings. FIVE THOUSAND unborn children are killed EVERY SINGLE HOUR of EVERY SINGLE DAY on this planet. You made it to your birth and now you are abandoning those who you KNOW would prefer to experience the beauty and challenge of life. Who you KNOW would want to experience their first kiss, a warm embrace, and the joy of bringing their own children into this world.

Watch THIS VIDEO to see the reality of an unborn child. This was YOU at one time in your LIFE. This is what you are working so hard to DESTROY. Life is beautiful. Why do you want to take it away from others? WHY??

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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