No Deity Required


Hi Cultureshift, I am very happy that your blog exists. Whether it helps convince people and save lives you may never know, but it is making a difference simply by providing an unpopular opinion which is based on reality. Do you think you could tell me when or why you became pro-life. Especially interesting since you said you were not a Christian or religious. Thanks!


The thought of killing prenatal children had never occurred to me, so I never really gave abortion any serious consideration — until last year. My awakening came in a pair of pink running shoes. When I saw Wendy Davis fighting so hard to kill prenatal children all the way until their birth, I knew those same children needed someone equally committed to defending them.


This is a 23 week old baby girl – completely legal to destroy in the womb as a matter of convenience in the United States of America.


You will notice that my first post was submitted on June 29th, 2013, four days after her stand for the right to kill innocent living human beings. This ignited a fire in me that only burns hotter with each passing day. Abortion is not a religious issue, it is a human rights issue. For this reason, religion is not a prerequisite to fight against the depravity of human abortion. Only an acknowledgment that the right to life should apply equally to all human beings from the moment of their conception is necessary.

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