You are a glowing example of what legalized abortion produces. A people who believe that it is acceptable, even convenient, to kill their own unborn children are doomed to forever exist in a culture swirling with death. You wished death on billions of human beings simply because they value every human life, not just their own. You literally want an entire segment of your human family to die because of their beliefs.

We must reject any culture that finds easy solutions in killing others. Help me to shift our culture to one founded on the beauty and dignity of all human life. This change begins where abortion ends.

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I can\'t wait until you and every other ignorant, sexist, pro \'life\' asshole dies off this planet. I\'m laughing so hard at how stupid you are, I hope you feel horrible about yourself at all given times you worthless piece of shit. You\'re never going to win your dumb battle against women having rights to their own bodies. I hope you die in complete misery knowing how great your failures are.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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