Vegan Hypocrisy Touche


If you aren’t vegan, you’re a hypocrite.  A fetus is no more a person than a chicken or cow.


A pro-abortion vegan represents one of the greatest examples of hypocrisy imaginable. They fight to stop the slaughter of cattle and chickens, but champion the right to slaughter living human beings.


The mental gymnastics required to be a pro-abortion vegan strains logic and reason. If you stand for the life of a farm animal while simultaneously advocating for the killing of a prenatal human being, you are, and I’m being generous, inconsistent. What’s even worse is that aborted children aren’t even used as food, they are simply thrown away. Imagine a world where cows were killed by the millions with no purpose behind their slaughter, killed just because they were not wanted. Now imagine the reaction by the animal rights community.

Abortion kills an innocent living human being, not a cow or a chicken.

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