“In several research studies, women were given Plan B after determining (via hormone tests) which women had ovulated and which had not. The results all showed that none of the women who took Plan B before ovulation became pregnant (these results really help to emphasize how Plan B works by delaying ovulation). Pregnancies only occurred in women who took Plan B on or after the day of ovulation, and these women became pregnant at the same rate as women who have not taken Plan B. Such results prompted researchers Noé, Croxatto, Salvatierra, and Reyes (2011) to conclude that Plan B “Does not prevent embryo implantation and therefore cannot be labeled as abortifacient.””

— – excerpt from How Plan B Works

I fully support the use of Plan B as an emergency contraceptive. Please see this post for reasons why. Preventing the fusion of male and female DNA is the first priority of someone who does not want to be pregnant. There is not other moral option. This fusion can be prevented by abstinence (unrealistic), any number of pre-sex contraceptives, and Plan B. Other emergency contraceptives are abortifacients and should not be used under any circumstances. Once a human life is conceived, that life must be protected as any other.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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