I doubt that you were pregnant, your period was probably just late and coincidentally started a few days after your cruel act. Hitting yourself in the abdomen to kill your child is no different than beating a newborn that you do not want. If you were pregnant and your child died as a result, then you literally beat your child to death. Fortunately for you, our world is morally bankrupt and the law is on your side. Mothers are free to kill their unborn children however they please. This includes beating them to death through their abdominal walls, swallowing pills that will suffocate and expel them, and having them ripped to pieces by an abortionist. There really are no limits to the depraved abuse you can heap on an unborn child. There are no child abuse laws on the books to protect these children from their mothers, just as there are no laws on the books to protect their very lives.

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I might have induced an abortion when I was 11, a boy a lot older than me had forced me into having sex with him. I noticed my period was really late and started to panic. I read online that hitting your stomach would stop pregnancy, so I did it. I got my period a few days after. Do you think I was pregnant? If I was pregnant, I definitely wouldn\'t have kept it, I\'d been forcing myself to forget about that boy, and at 11 I wouldn\'t have coped.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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