92% of all unborn babies detected of having downs syndrome are killed by abortion….
“Some abortion advocates would have us believe that killing is actually compassion for so-called “defective” children. The reality is that killing these children is not compassionate. It’s selfish. It’s a misguided attempt to cleanse our population of human beings who are seen as a “burden” on their parents and society. When we start to look at people as “defects” (and therefore disposable), we have started down a road that has already been traveled by the eugenics experiments in Nazi Germany.” – Michael Reagan “Twice Adopted”
The sad part about this too is sometimes what abortion clinics “detect” is false information or “this could happen”. So, the abortion is gone through with and the money is made.
Most of you now know my mother jumped off an abortion table with me and due to her drug use, and the type of drugs (although better used because they didn’t cut off circulation but opened), in the earliest stages of my development up until I was 3ish months, there was a chance I’d be born without eyes (and mental defects) so I had to be strongly monitored. Fyi, I was born perfectly normal.
See, mum had the “choice” granted to her by law to go through with exterminating me.. but I’m glad she didn’t. Though life isn’t always the “funest”, it’s MY life and I don’t at all feel it would have been her choice on whether or not to take that from me – nor is it for anyone else from their unborn child. Still, I’m thankful every day she loved me enough to choose to give me life(:
Because I understood why she contemplated it, why she had it all set up, why she paid, why she almost went through and I sympathise with her on those days but it shouldn’t have been an option yet, still a hard one. Even more, I understand why she jumped off the table last moment.
Killing a human life, especially one so innocent and so small (that hasn’t yet had the development to even be given the chance to understand and speak words on how they are feeling on this issue), when a woman is so hormonal and not rationally thinking and usually leads to regret, is not a choice to be given. You’re not even aloud to commit suicide as an adult. Why would it be legal to kill that of your “unwanted” child?
I will forever speak out against abortion. Some may say “well that’s just your opinion” even with my facts and so personal experience. Mainly people just look at me weird as though I’m some sort of creature. Very few, it seems, think it’s praise worthy but there was once a time where this was, by most, unimaginable.
I believe most are born that way. Believing killing a child even in the womb is not the mothers or anyone else’s right. Before and without being taught what their family believes or what society will feed them. We have that sense of wrong from right but it appears that we’ve desensitized ourselves and made excuses. My hope is that one day soon we can reclaim our childlike minds and get back to that long gone time. Where we valued and respected life, and not just of the unborn babies, but of everyone other than ourselves.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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