Praying for the day when no woman will want to choose this terrible option.

Praying for the day people realise that restricting abortions in no way lowers the number of abortions performed.
Praying for the day people realise only contraception and proper sex education can help lower the amount of unwanted pregnancy

This is truly heartbreaking news. While it is perfectly acceptable to disagree with abortion on a personal level, it is reprehensible to deny important healthcare services to others based on your own beliefs. My heart goes out to all of the people with uteri who, as a result of this tragedy, were forced to continue pregnancies they did not want, which may have killed them, emotionally/physically/financially destroyed them, and/or most depressingly, resulted in the birth of a child whose life may be a pain-filled struggle that may or may not ever bring them joy. I also feel for those who had to find other alternatives to safe, legal abortion that may have also ended in emotional, physical, and/or financial disaster, or even a traumatic and painful death.

The only “culture shift” that the closing of these clinics represents is one towards a culture of hate, bigotry, and pain. Regardless of your own personal views on abortion, it is despicable to force another living, breathing, sentient person into a situation that is unhealthy or wrong for them because of your own beliefs. I can only hope that the new year will bring change, and we will abandon this hate and move towards a culture of love and choice.

Your culture of ‘love and choice’ always seems to end in the death of an innocent child. This is why these clinics must be closed. Stop lying to yourself and others – making abortion illegal and actually enforcing the law will dramatically decrease the rate of abortion and will set us on a course toward a culture of life that we will all be proud to welcome our children into.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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