What I never understood is why American moderate fiscal conservatives are so against abortion. Aborting fetuses is a very fiscally responsible thing to do and takes a whole lot of strain off of the government to help pay for children later on.

The average abortion costs around $500 either paid by health insurance (some insurance may be Federal or state funded but that depends on the state) or out of the woman’s own pocket.  

Let’s say a poorer mother cannot afford doctors for prenatal care and has Medicaid, that is paid for by taxpayers. That is around $3000-4000. Now let’s say the fetus is born and the mother doesn’t want the baby, the baby could go to foster care where foster families get $350-$450 a month coming from the taxpayer’s  dollar. Maybe the mother wants to keep the baby and qualifies for Welfare. TANF pays $305-385 per child per month for up to 60 months.  Then if a child goes to school and qualifies then they can get free or reduced lunch at school. Lunch at schools can go anywhere from $1.10 to $3.00 per lunch. Let’s assume the lowest lunch $1.10 goes everyday for a child at school which is 180 days for 12 years. That equals out to $2,376 per child the taxpayer is paying for. Last, what if Junior wants to go to college?The maximum Federal Pell Grant for 2013-2014 is $5,645 Multiply that by 4 for 4 years of college aid. 

So the grand total spent by a person or insurance for having an abortion is around $500

The grand total spent by the taxpayer to take care of a child over 18 years is around $30,000 (probably more.) 

Beyond any moral, religious, or philosophical reasoning, having abortions is extremely fiscally responsible because if people cannot take care of children then the government steps in and that is YOUR tax money being spent when that money could be spent other ways or even saved. That’s all I’m saying.


– Jonathan 

The majority of unborn children killed in America would not have ended up on welfare or other social programs. And for those that would have needed a safety net, I gladly pay my taxes to help provide it.

Is it cheaper to kill a child than raise one. Absolutely. Does this matter? Absolutely not. This is how quickly we are devolving into something we will all someday regret – even the liberal feminists screaming at the top of their lungs for the continued right to kill their unborn children. The government sanctioned killing of a sub-class of innocent human beings is always a slippery slope. The human appetite for killing can quickly accelerate given the right social or economic catalyst. How long before being born isn’t enough? How long before calculations like the ones above are made to determine which women will be forced to abort? How long before prenatal screening requires mothers of physically or mentally challenged children to abort in the ‘best interest’ of society? We are flirting with a full-scale dystopian society in which all of our lives will become less and less valuable. Help me to change course before it’s too late.Help me to stop the injustice of human abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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