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**Just as reminder, anyone who has had or is having an abortion and needs to talk or vent, and anyone who may just be curious or want to inquire about abortion or my experience, feel free to message me, I’m here for you, anon or not, my ask box is always open.
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‘Just love’

So tell me, where was the love for your child? Watching women high five each other for killing their children like it was some kind of accomplishment is stomach churning. You accomplished NOTHING. All you did was slaughter your own child because of your selfish ‘needs’.

Feel free to message me if you want the truth about human abortion, not just a bandwagon approach to killing innocent children. A mother’s FIRST responsibility is to her child. Period. A father’s FIRST responsibility is to the mother of his unborn child. Every ounce of your being must be focused on her to ensure your child makes it out of her womb alive. We must move to the next stage of evolution where our ability to reason overrides our primal impulse to be barbarians bent on the destruction of others for our own benefit. Especially when the others we are destroying are our own sons and daughters.

Abortion kills an innocent living human being.

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Hi there! I just read your post about abbortion via another blog, and I want to say that I applaud you for your decision. You were thinking about what was right for you and there is nothing wrong with that. I wish you luck in college and with your studies, and hope you have a wonderful day! u//u

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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