Today I experienced the worst thing anyone could experience and it shook me enough to question my anti abortion stand.

My boyfriend of a year decided to end things with me because I refused to give him a child asap and because I decided to pursue a career instead of staying at home and being a housewife (I told him to wait a few years so I could be ready and to let me have a career but he said I sucked and to fuck off…not his usual attitude towards me).
It came as a shock to me because I have never in my life ever felt like I was nothing more than a breeding,cleaning object.

It was today (on my birthday no less) that I see the pro choice POV when it comes to seeing women as women and not as incubators (not that I ever did btw).

A part of me still believes all babies should have a chance at life and I still want to fight for their rights but at the same time I don’t want women to be forced into having a child with a man who sees them as objects and not humans and to be forced into seedy abortion clinics or be at risk of being jailed for aborting if abortion becomes illegal. 
I have heard the adoption line but while it’s a great choice, it’s unrealistic when a parent wont hand over the rights to the child.
I am happy I never had kids with my bf but had I had one or been pregnant, I would lose my child to him and I would have to live my life knowing a man who used my reproductive organs for his benefit is raising my child and more than likely another woman is seen as that child’s mother. I could never live with that or let it happen.

So I’m conflicted, I want babies to be saved but I don’t want women to EVER feel how I felt, be used just for reproduction or have their babies taken away by a person who doesn’t deserve the child.

I want to say “My body my choice” from now on but a part of me wants “let the babies live” too.

I honestly do not know what to do and I am really sad and hurt by my boyfriends actions and my thoughts on abortions.

The solution to your dilemma is actually quite simple. If you believe, as I know you do, that there is no difference between a child born and a child unborn, then the choice is clear. If you wouldn’t poison or slaughter a two year old, then you shouldn’t poison or slaughter that same child just because he or she is growing inside of the womb as opposed to outside of the womb. Your stance must always be focused on the child, never yourself or your personal feelings. The life of your own son or daughter must trump any other consideration.

How we treat the least of us defines us.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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