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“Also, as far as the picture goes thank you for warning me because obviously even though I’ve had miscarriages it is still hard to see, but the very thing that got the gears changing and going in my mind about being pro-life was holding the body of my second baby in my hand after his birth. I was so shocked by how formed he was for only being around 8 weeks! I actually wish I’d been able to see her, I would have realized how wrong I was so much sooner.”

Seeing is believing, but holding a preborn child has to be the most powerful experience possible to change a person’s mind, especially if that child was their own.

Please see my post ‘Meet Walter Joshua Fretz – A Human Being’ to read about a mother’s experience that was very similar to your own. Once again, I must warn you that it includes pictures of her miscarried son. He is so beautiful though. I highly encourage you to visit the post, I think it may help you to further heal.

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Thank you for showing me that post, and thank you even more for making it! When I still was pro-choice, after the first pregnancy, so many pro-life people told me I was wrong for what I did. Even went as far as to mock me and tell me that there was no way I wanted/missed the baby!! I think of all three of mine every day and it\'s so difficult. I think a lot of people, pro-life included, just don\'t know what an ectopic pregnancy is, so it\'s good to speak to someone who does and udnerstands.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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