If your primary reason for advocating against abortion is genuinely on the behalf of children, why do you find it valuable to invest time into running this blog?  Children, especially the youngest children below age 5, are vulnerable to hunger, physical abuse, neglect, low quality education, disease, and beyond (this list does not consider extreme problems that children in non-first world countries face).  In my own area of South Florida, the rate of childhood food insecurity is approximately 24% according to local hunger advocacy groups.  It seems to me if you are indeed “unrelenting” in your defense of children, you’d have no time at all to invest into this blog, as you’d be working endlessly on behalf of children in need.  

Individuals like you that advocate for the end of abortion are nothing but thinly veiled misogynists that writhe at the idea of women casually exercising their sexuality – and without hesitation, dehumanize their development as individuals and undermine their legal and personal rights.  

Rebuttal: My focus is on keeping innocent living human beings just that – living. Ask yourself, where should my priorities lie? On feeding a child or on preventing his or her poisoning or slaughter? Having said that, I routinely donate both money and goods to various charities that support children, including the homeless. I also support research into spina bifida and make monthly contributions to pro-life causes. I am fully capable of multitasking.

Finally, I have absolutely no problem with women casually exercising their sexuality. I only take issue with women exercising their unjust and depraved right to execute their living child. The circumstances behind her child’s fertilization are irrelevant to his or her value as a human being. Whether this new human being was conceived through reckless promiscuity, prostitution, rape, incest or just bad timing, their value is not diminished to the point that they can be swatted like a common housefly.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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