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Eugenics is a constant threat to our species. It sounds so enticing to many because it promises a world without disease, deformity, mental illness, or physical disability. Hitler tried to cleanse the German population of these ‘undesirables’ after their birth because prenatal diagnoses did not exist at the time. I can assure you, he would have wholeheartedly embraced the current flavor of eugenics practiced in America and all around the world – killing these ‘undesirables’ while still hidden away in the womb. Killing people while still unborn is so much easier politically and socially.

Hitler’s ultimate objective was to conquer the world and spread eugenics to every corner of the planet. It looks like abortion is going to do that for him. Soon, there will be no ‘undesirables’ left to kill. In fact, a prenatal test for autism is about to hit the abortion market. Just wait until we learn how to prenatally diagnose deafness, blindness, stuttering, and dyslexia. Htiler would be so proud to see our abortion mills operating at full capacity, snuffing out the lives of these ‘less than human’ parasites.

Which side of history do you want to be on?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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