Genuinely curious. Would you choose for a child to be aborted if you knew the child would be born to parents who would neglect, rape, and torture the baby relentlessly until it died before reaching his/her first birthday and you had no way of intervening?


It’s incredible how badly some need to hear others say that it is acceptable to kill a child living in the womb. A prenatal child is no different than a neonatal child. Once you understand this, then you will realize that what you have just asked me to agree with is the same as asking you to agree to kill a two year old in the same situation. Would you kill this child? Do you believe it would be an acceptable thing to do?

I don’t normally answer ridiculous hypothetical questions like this, especially when it involves the use of a crystal ball, but I wanted to illuminate the fact that there is no difference between a child awaiting their birth and a child following their birth.

This person is clearly attempting to make the point that we should kill prenatal children that may grow up under less than ideal circumstances. The fact is, we cannot know the future and therefore cannot ‘mercy kill’ people because they might experience a bad childhood.

Remember, childhood makes up approximately one-fifth of our lifespan. There is life after childhood…

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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