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Cultureshift is doing that weird shamey thing again where he makes a big deal about spreading your legs for an abortionist and “exposing your vagina”…can someone please call him out on that? Like, doesn’t he understand that it’s wrong to shame people for exposing themselves in any consenting setting let alone to a medical professional? I don’t see why any atheist would have a problem with vaginas being shown so long as the person who owns it consents? It’s just a body part.

He’s willing to post a triggering video of vaginal birth where we can all see a vagina but he shames it in any other context? They check your vagina for a wide variety of medical procedures and if everyone is consenting you got a right to show it off.

Fuck your shamey misogyny.


If you are going to use satire to diminish the deaths of millions of prenatal children, you will need to sharpen your reading comprehension skills. As you can see from my above referenced post, I was using imagery to illuminate the process by which a mother exposes her defenseless child to their butcher. Nothing more, nothing less. I have absolutely no issue with human anatomy, including vaginas and penises, or their public exposure. I do take issue when that anatomy is ripped apart while still attached to a living human being.

I understand your need to marginalize me, but at least make an attempt to apply the smallest amount of intellectual honesty. Not doing so only serves to highlight your desperation to hide the ugly truth about human abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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