Here are some facts:

1. SEX IS DETERMINED AT THE MOMENT OF FERTILIZATION BY AN X OR Y CHROMOSOME. It is written into our DNA, along with our eye/hair/skin color, whether we will be right- or left-handed, and a million other characteristics. Though your genitalia were not distinguishable via ultrasound until a few months after your life began, your sex was already established in the foundation of your code.

This concept which you so arrogantly are trying to refute is basic biology. I suggest you learn more about the way the human body works and grows, before you risk misleading others with your false claims.

2. Take a look at this photo, if you will:

Above: Photo of a developing human being at only 10-12 weeks gestation.(Source: Lunar Caustic on Flickr) Fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows. ─ Dr. Bernard Nathanson, former abortionist

This is a macro photograph of someone who looks just like you did at 10-12 weeks old. Every single one of your major organs was already in place and functioning at this point, when you were only the size of a small lemon.

So yes, you were ‘a grouping of cells,’ just like you are now. You were also a living human being, just like you are now. Which means that whether or not you were awake, whether or not you could feel pain, whether or not you ‘knew’ you were alive, YOU HAD THE UNALIENABLE RIGHT TO YOUR OWN BODY AND LIFE.

The deadline for abortion is ages before a fetus begins to develop a nervous system.“ There is no set cut-off date for human abortion in the US, and no states currently have a cut off for before 20 weeks. In New Mexico and other states, it is still legal to kill preborn children at ALL stages of fetal development, including up to right before birth.

3. Again, do you have any evidence to back up this claim, or are you just arbitrarily throwing out accusations in an attempt to make yourself sound intelligent? Personally, I’ve only ever used certifiably authentic photos of abortion in order to expose the humanity of the preborn (and thus the injustice of their rights being stripped away), so this is irrelevant to your discussion with me.

Please, for the sake of those whose deaths you’re championing, do some solid research. Dedicate some time and effort to learning about what you support. Then come back and talk to me, after you have acquired some true and relevant FACTS.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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