It doesn’t matter if it isn’t part of it, it’s inside your body doing things to it without your consent. It doesn’t own your body so you don’t have to let it stay.

Some pro-lifers need to stop insisting that we are arguing that a fetus is a part of the pregnant person’s body. Either you are intentionally misinterpreting what we are saying, or you have a disturbing lack of reading comprehension.


According to your bio, you are an autistic human being. Consider the following as you fight for the right of mothers to kill their prenatal children…

Advances in medical science and technology sometimes come with a heavy moral price. Traditional prenatal genetic tests have involved invasive analysis of the mother’s amniotic fluid. Now, less invasive blood tests are available. A new simple blood test is now on the market which can be used for genetic counseling about potential risks for developing autism. Information presented to expecting parents could easily lead to selective abortion of supposedly “at-risk” fetuses.

Lineagen, a biotech company based in Utah, is now marketing a blood test which identifies ”new genetic variants associated with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders)”. At this time, Lineagen positions its product as a post natal early intervention tool – not as a prenatal test. However, with autism rates conservatively affecting one in every 70 boys born today, expecting couples are rightfully concerned about autism. FirstStepDX is an easy, single draw blood test that could be added to routine prenatal OB/GYN appointments.

You are literally fighting for mothers to kill human beings like yourself. Once this test is fully available to mothers to screen for prenatal autism, people like you won’t stand a chance at birth. The gene responsible for Down syndrome is regularly tested for, resulting in a kill rate of 92% for children afflicted with this genetic disorder. Is this what you want for those, like you, challenged by autism?

Please reconsider what you fight so hard for. Please stand up for the vulnerable, the weak, the disabled, and the mentally challenged. All of us deserve an equal right to live. Anything less is an affront to our humanity.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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