As I’ve stated before, the definition of “pro-life” that I subscribe to is someone who believes in no abortions, for any reason whatsoever. No exceptions.

Something that disturbs me about some of you, that I’d like to address:

  • Rape exceptions
  • Incest exceptions

“Pro-lifers” who are willing to make exceptions for rape and incest are not, in my opinion, technically pro-life.

If this is what you’d believe, I’d like you to please take the following into consideration (bearing in mind that I do not agree with any of this and am adamantly pro-choice under all circumstances).

Why excuse rape and incest pregnancies?

What makes these fetuses more deserving of abortion than the ones that were conceived through love, or irresponsible sex, or any other reason?

The pro-life stance is that fetuses are innocent “babies” and have the right to life. So why don’t the fetuses that are conceived in rape or incest have a right to life?

Most of the time, the response I hear is this: “The woman didn’t choose so she can abort in the event of rape or incest.”

I take issue with this, because the underlying message here is that women who do not choose to have sex can be rewarded with the option to not be pregnant anymore, while women who do choose to have sex are punished by having their option to not be pregnant anymore taken away.

If you support abortions for rape and incest victims, but for no one else, the only distinguishing factor is that of choice. This means that you are rewarding women who were forced, and punishing women who have embraced their sexuality.

“You were a good Christian girl and didn’t choose to have sex. You were forced! Go ahead and get that abortion, you deserve it.”

“You over there? Psh. You had sex BY CHOICE. No abortion for you.”

When this is what you believe, you are not making your opinion about the life of the baby. You are making your opinion about the freedom of the pregnant person. You are making it about their lifestyle, not their pregnancy.

The life of the baby is disposable to you if the woman was raped or a victim of incest, but is forced upon the woman if she chose to have sex.

Do you see why this makes no sense?


Incredible. Something that I actually agree with that came from the mind of one of the most depraved pro-abortion champions out there. But she is absolutely right. If you make exceptions for rape and incest, you are not pro-life.

Life begins at the moment of fertilization — the moment a new and unique human being, unlike any other ever conceived, is created. This new person had no control over their conception and holds EXACTLY the same value as you and I. If you were conceived through rape, would you think less of yourself? Who knows, maybe you were conceived in this way and your mother simply never told you.

There can never be an exception for killing innocent human beings. This has been tried many times throughout human history and never with good results.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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