• Prochoicers are beautiful people
  • Prolifers are beautifully ignorant shits
  • Birth control is a modern technological innovation that needs to be appreciated more often
  • Your body speaks to you, don’t tune her out

Being pregnant doesn’t mean there is a person inside of you. There is potential. And you shouldn’t feel guilty for having or wanting an abortion because look: there is potential in everything. Sex brings about the potential for offspring. Men and women bring about the potential for sex. Being a human brings about the potential to be either male or female or everything in between.

See, the more basic the argument becomes you can see there is not argument at all. You can’t argue over potential…it’s not actually there. Potential never exists, it only might exist. And to bring it full circle, the chance of existence doesn’t mean you do not have the choice to exist.

I am a lot closer to loving myself than I ever have been. Partially because of my friends and the boy. But the rest of the credit I don’t attribute to myself but to my ability to be.


You couldn’t be more wrong. The potential for life exists when a male ejaculates into a fertile female. His sperm carry half of the DNA required to fuse with the female’s ovum. The potential for a new life continues to prevail until the moment a single sperm unites with an ovum. At that moment, and from that moment on, a human being exists. A human being unique from any other that has ever existed before and from any other that will ever exist in the future.

You absolutely killed a real living human being, your own son or daughter. You existed at every stage of life beginning with your conception that your now dead child existed at until the moment you either poisoned him or her or had them butchered by an abortionist.

You are guilty of homicide. No amount of deluding yourself or others will ever change that. The only hope you have for redemption is to accept what you have done and begin to fight to stop others from making the same mistake. Only then will you ever begin to truly love yourself.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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