Found out my mom had an abortion and was 10 weeks pregnant. She didn’t even tell her best friend. She has no idea I know. I found out when I found a paper that she had written about it. Even described it as “putting my baby through a blender! Ugh!” I have just lost it now. I’ve lost respect for my so called mother. Fucking bitch couldn’t even birth and put a baby up for adoption.


Judging from a quick glance at your blog, you should understand what it feels like to feel utterly alone and desperate and depressed. What you don’t understand is responsibility, though.

I never thought I’d get an abortion before I became a mother. I never thought I’d ever feel that it was the only option. I did. I did it to keep food on the table for my daughter and my family; I did it so I could work overtime to keep a roof over our heads and to keep my child and my boyfriend’s child clothed and healthy.

Whether is a responsibility to others or to one’s self, it’s a responsibility. Your mother could have been going through a lot; emotional, physical, mental, financial. There are so many factors.

I don’t know what sort of relationship you have with your mother. I don’t care. All I know is you sound like you have your head shoved so far up your ass and you’re completely incapable of sympathizing with you mother – who made a choice that was obviously difficult if she couldn’t even trust her best friend at the time to listen – that I hope you fucking grow up sooner rather than later.

PS: You tried to turned your mother’s abortion into a pity party for you. “Boohoo, I can’t even trust my mother; she made a decisions about her own body and I disagree with it and how can I trust anyone now?”

Fuck you and your egocentric views. Grow. The. Fuck. Up.


Bedlamity — you need to face the reality of what you have done. The excuses you gave for killing your own child are trivial compared to his or her very life and do not excuse your depraved act. There is no reason good enough for intentionally killing an innocent child, born or not. You just can’t get enough of cheerleading for abortion, can you? Your constant efforts to add to the body count will not absolve you of your selfish ‘choice’.

You are the one who needs to grow up and face the reality of what human abortion is. You can be forgiven for killing your prenatal child, you can even forgive yourself. But you must first abandon the desperation of wrapping yourself in the deaths of millions of prenatal children. You believe that if more die, if more and more mothers make the choice that you did — to destroy their child, that you will be able to hide among the masses. The only problem is that you can never hide from yourself.

Brokenandlonenly has every right to be upset and disappointed. My mother killed my little sister by abortion and never told me until I asked. The difference between you and brokenandlonenly’s mother and my mother is that my mother has come to the realization that what she did was wrong and now stands against the human tragedy of abortion. Even while you continue to fight for it.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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