Abortion is not and will never be okay. It is killing an innocent, defenseless human being. It is taking away a life, a life that has done no wrong. It is ending a human being’s life just because it’s “crime” was existing to a woman who was selfish enough to see no value in it’s life. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s right (just like slavery). Abortion=killing. The worth of someone else’s life should never be determined by another. No one should ever have the power to choose to kill.


By your opinion, soldiers should not kill and criminals on death row – no matter how horrible they were – should not be put to death. We shouldn’t eat meat, because the animals had to die. We shouldn’t cut down trees, for they are living too. We shouldn’t kill bacteria, either, because they do constitute as alive, just not sentient beings.

Abortion will always have a place. People get raped; people legitimately fear being pregnant; people have medications they need that will affect the fetus; people have to eat and have shelter and take care of their already born; people have complications during pregnancy that threaten their life; fetuses have abnormalities that make them incompatible with life.

You need to learn some empathy and sympathy. Maybe even experience life a little more.

Fetuses do not and should not matter more than the already born.

Also, there is no “crime” the fetus has committed. The pregnant person does not want to be pregnant. If fetuses could survive outside the womb, I’m sure abortion would be a moot point. They can’t. As a result, the fetus dies.


Your worldview is beyond any reason. Human beings are not bacteria. I know it is important for you to believe this since you have killed your own child, but why do you feel the need to try to convince others of this lie? And the original poster clearly used the term innocent human being, so I don’t know why you bring criminals into this discussion. Also, soldiers don’t intentionally kill innocent human beings. If they do, they are prosecuted.

Yes, people get raped, have fear, take medication, have to eat, need shelter, take care of others, experience complications, and develop ‘abnormalities’ in the womb. None of these reasons reach the level of justifying the execution of an INNOCENT human being.

You need to learn some empathy and sympathy yourself — maybe even experience life a little more from a positive, life-affirming perspective. Maybe you could step outside of yourself for a few minutes and consider a life dedicated to others instead of your current life dedicated solely to yourself. So much so that you actually butchered your own child to ensure your life was not negatively impacted.

You say that fetuses should not matter more than the already born and you are right. But they should be considered equal to the already born. Isn’t that what we all strive for, especially the SJWs around here — EQUALITY?

Here, you sum up your sick view of life exceedingly well…

“If fetuses could survive outside the womb, I’m sure abortion would be a moot point. They can’t. As a result, the fetus dies.”

But they can survive inside the womb, in their natural habitat, and that is the point. Your choice to rip your child from your womb while still alive is the ultimate act of selfishness and depravity. Your child needed you then more than he or she ever would have and you turned your back on him or her. You literally ended your child’s life in favor of your own.

Someday, abortion will be illegal. Someday, justice for all will be equally applied to every human being. Someday, people like you will rot in prison for killing vulnerable children.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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