I saw Jacques at Gandalf’s last night. I’m a little irritated that he’s looking more handsome than when I dated him, I’d hoped he’d be looking older and uglier. It took a while for him to recognise me, but he did. I ignored him, and he ignored me, for which I’m glad.
It might’ve been my imagination, but it felt like he was staring at my stomach.
As if he still expected It to be there or something.
Maybe he was looking at how much weight I’ve lost.
I think last night is when I wanted Andrea there the most. I felt so shaky and insecure, and I was just wishing she could’ve been there to hold my hand in that moment.
There was only one moment where we actually made eye contact, and I swear to God, my uterus felt like it’d been stabbed. It sounds fucking retarded, like some kind of voldemort/hp shit, but it was like my body remembered him, and what had happened.
I am so over feeling haunted by my abortion. I went for months without thinking about it, and out of the blue, it’s hit me like a train again.
in April, it will have been two years.
Can’t I just get over it already? I want to forget about it.

You will always be haunted by your abortion. Abortion is forever. You robbed your once living child of a lifetime of experiences and memories in favor of your own selfish desires. And you still support this horrific act. The only way to begin your redemption is to finally reject the depravity of human abortion and work tirelessly to save the lives of other unborn children facing poisoning or slaughter at the hands of their own mothers. Make the change and feel the love overcome you as you begin to Speak Life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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