Are you also okay with the idea of forced blood donation of the parents to their child if the blood type is compatible? If a child needs a kidney do you think it should be mandated that the parent donate their kidney? If you think abortion should be illegal then do you think it should be a law to donate your blood at least once a year and all of your organs when you die? You cannot be for the forced use of another person’s body but against it in other cases.


If the parent’s blood is the only blood available due to time constraints, I am completely for making it mandatory. Same with kidney donation. I can’t imagine a parent ever denying these life saving measures to their own child, but then again, I can’t imagine killing my own prenatal son or daughter either. Parenthood carries great responsibility. Every parent should be ready and willing to die for their child at a moments notice.

If there were a blood shortage, then yes, mandatory blood donation should be implemented. After all, we have a military draft for the same reason. People are expected to shed their blood for the good of others when required.

It should absolutely be required to donate all of your organs upon your death if they could save the life of a living human being. I am, of course, an organ donor. This should not be an option. What good does burying viable organs in the ground do anyone?

However, the fact that these common sense practices are not law does not excuse the killing of prenatal human beings. There are many things about our world that need to be improved. The very first on the list is to stop the mass slaughter of our children.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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