I’m giggling as I type this, I’m just- I can’t believe it.

I got a surprising message on Facebook today:

“I am an artist working with Abortion Rights Campaign. We are making a 2014 Calendar. We came across a fantastically defiant picture of you in some photo archives and we wondered how you would feel about us including it in the calendar design?…”

I’m still in shock. I mean I know at the march there were photographers everywhere and a handful of them took my name down but really, I did not expect anything to come of it. When I said yes but are you sure the quote isn’t too ‘out there’, she responded with this:

“Well at first I have to admit even though I loved the photo, I thought having anything with the word ejaculation might be too much but then I was reminded by another member of ARC that we are making this for us and other pro-choice supporters. It’s a fantastic image. It is humour that I think ARC supporters will appreciate and our work is about breaking taboos with radical ideas. At the very least it’s a conversation point. But the look on your face is what clinches it – this is a supported movement made of confident people and that is what we think is important to project – no more distraught women with their heads in their hands!”

You guys…words just cannot describe.


How very touching. You have so much to be proud of. You are literally giddy at the idea of killing prenatal children because their father’s ejaculation into their mother’s vagina was great while it lasted but, oh, sorry son, looks like your going to have to die. We really didn’t want you, we just wanted that few minutes of pleasure. Yes, I know it’s incredibly shallow and hurtful that your life was worth less than a single orgasm, but hey, at least I’m going to have my picture holding this ignorant sign on a calendar.

Lucky ME! ME, ME, ME.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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