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I could never know what the pain you feel is like because I would never place myself above the life of my own child – NEVER. I would give MY LIFE for my child’s, as should any parent. I only wish you had stopped the abortionist before he reached your child as portrayed in this movie.

You consider my message ‘abrasive’ and ‘excessive’. You, above all, must understand why I fight so hard. I am fighting to stop the greatest human atrocity to ever visit our species. Abortion is wrong for every reason imaginable. It is literally the killing of a child by his or her own mother. How can this ever be justified? The truth is, it can’t. It can be rationalized by those, like you, who took advantage of an unjust law to avoid the responsibility of a child.

I am sorry you were born into this world that accepts abortion as a means to an end. Abortion is the ‘final solution’ to a temporary problem, in the same way that suicide is. Death can never be undone because time marches in only one direction. But wrongful death can be redressed to some degree by true remorse and by working to replace this wrong with a life affirming right. By working to replace the depraved act of human abortion, the ultimate abandonment of a child by a mother, with the conference of the most basic human right of all – the Right to Life.

Will you stand and fight in honor of the life you stole away or will you continue to turn your back on the unborn because you feel it is a ‘personal’ decision for each mother to make, regardless of how many lives are lost? Anywhere that an innocent living human being faces death at the hands of another should be where you take a stand. Especially when that innocent living human being is a child.

By now, you have received several messages from those who advocate for killing unborn children. They have told you how ‘evil’ I am for fighting to save their lives and how ‘strong’ you are for making the ‘difficult’ decision to kill your son or daughter. They have told you to ignore what I have to say because I am a ‘terrorist’ and a ‘monster’. Yet I have never killed a child. And I never will. Abortion is unthinkable to me, and someday, by telling people like you the truth about abortion, it will be unthinkable to all of us.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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