I used to follow him, but I stopped following him because I didn’t think he had anything new to add to the abortion debate. I was wrong. I was so, so, so wrong. I regret the day I discovered this monster’s blog. There is so much hatred, anger, directed to complete strangers he’ll never meet in real life. Why? What is the point of all this hate? What is the point of spreading lies, misinformation, and propaganda to feel justified in telling a rape victim to have kept their legs shut? What is the point of telling people they murdered their baby when they simply miscarried? Why? It’s so triggering to me, and that makes it so much worse because I only have one trigger which has such a profound and long-lasting effect on me and I hate he has the power to send me into a spiral of self-destructive behaviors. I will NEVER be unaffected by someone preying on the desperate. But guess what? I can’t do shit to this guy. I can’t reason with him, I can’t empathize with him (the one person I’ve never been able to do that with), I don’t even want to live in the same world as him! I’ve been bawling my eyes out wondering how someone could be so extremely awful to people who are already feeling so low. Why inflict that emotional damage to someone? Why tell them they deserve to be degraded and punished for an abortion, a procedure you claim causes depression and other ailments. If you believe that, why push them over the edge? If you had told me I deserve to be ridiculed and degraded just for being pro-choice two years ago, I would’ve killed myself. Is that what you want? Would you have been okay with that? With the fact your words DROVE SOMEONE TO TAKE THEIR OWN LIFE?!?! Don’t answer that. I don’t want your response to confirm what I may already know.


This was written by Noah, a freshman in high school, which explains a great many things. Noah, you are lying. You will not find a single post where I have ever said a rape victim should ‘keep their legs shut’. And you will never find a post where I called someone who miscarried their child a ‘murderer’.

You ask why I direct so much ‘hate and anger’ at total strangers [who abort their children]. First of all, this is another mischaracterization. I do not hate these people. I am, however, extremely angry at not only their depraved act, but their desire to publicly post about the killing of their own children in an effort to see more children die. Have you ever considered how this affects people like me? People who know that we are the same human being while awaiting our birth as we are today. Just because we are unseen and unheard while gestating inside our mother’s womb does not justify her right to kill us on demand.

Any mother who would commit this sad and depraved act against her own son or daughter does not deserve to be coddled and comforted if she continues to advocate for others to follow the same path. If a mother later regrets her actions, coming to the realization that just because something is legal does not make it moral, and fights tirelessly to prevent others from taking their children’s lives, then I am here to help her heal and to join her in her redemption.

And no, Noah, I never want my words to drive someone to kill themselves. But I will not sugar coat the truth about the depraved act of human abortion. I will not sympathize with those who work every day to destigmatize abortion in an attempt to assuage their own personal guilt.

Abortion is already a human epidemic. Over 5,000 prenatal children are killed every hour on this planet. Do you want to see this number increased? Would it make you happy to know that no one was fighting to save these ‘unwanted’ children from the cruel act of abortion? That no one was telling the truth about this human atrocity? Do you want to see the killing go unchecked and unchallenged? Do you want these things simply because you were lucky enough to have made it out alive? Do you think that if you were still in the womb that you might want ‘monsters’ like me fighting for your life?

Being pro-choice is cruel, sad, depraved, and selfish. These are simple truths. Where do you stand?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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