I just found out I am pregnant… I doubt any of you care. But no one will ever know. And before you give me hate, and say that abortion is bad. There are three things you should know.

I could never raise this child. I am too young, I am too financially insecure. I couldn’t give a child a warm, sturdy home.

I could not put this child for adoption. That was done to me. I will never make a child live through that. That pain.

I can’t even carry it to term. I would lose my family, my house, my job, and end up hating the child. And no child deserves to be hated.

I have thought long and hard. And I will never tell anyone who knows who I am, and this is the best choice for me, and for it.

And I am sorry. But I am using tumblr as a support group. And I hope you will support me.


You are making a terrible mistake. You are living in the moment, you aren’t thinking long term. Please don’t kill your living son or daughter. He or she is REAL and ALIVE and NEEDS YOU now more than he or she ever will.

Please don’t be short sighted. Although your child will die, you will have to live the rest of your many years with the guilt and hurt you will experience.

Please don’t do this. Think about all of the beautiful moments and memories you are stealing from the person growing inside of you. You are not only killing this one person, you are killing all of the children and grandchildren they will have and their thousands of descendants. Please think beyond today. Please think beyond yourself.

You are strong enough to protect your child. You truly are.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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