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My wife recently had the tumblr lynch-mob after her for expressing her sadness at a friend’s decision to abort her baby and how she had begged said friend to at least have the baby and give it up for adoption. She was bombarded with comments about how she was garbage and how her friend was a “grownt ass woman.” I was slightly appalled and intrigued by the amount of hatred tossed upon the head of my wife like that of so many burning coals. I mean, it’s the internet and uncalled-for reactions are all too common for people with any sort of viewpoint, because, well, it’s the internet. Should my wife post nude pictures of herself without consulting me or preach about how every sexually-active party girl should have the power to thrust cold, metal tools up their vagina to eliminate the unfortunate “side-effect” of sexual intercourse, then she would be heralded a hero of the highest kind, unfortunately, her convictions have merited her nothing but utter loathing from the masses.

I’m pretty well pro-life, but there’s not a whole lot I can do about the situation but hold up my own end and support what I feel. I don’t think that calling a baby a fetus or a “pregnancy” to dehumanize it is the best decision. I also don’t think that not being “ready” to give up the fruits of revelry to have a child is a viable option. This decision for the young lady’s convenience that my wife has disputed so vehemently is a selfish one objectively speaking, because it is only to allow her to continue living with her parents because having a third child is apparently the last straw. If her parents find out, then she’s out. It’s either get a full-time job and stop partying in her mid-twenties or kill the baby.

How can one decide what is appropriate and what is not? People will continue to surrender their bodies to pregnancy because it’s fun and it feels good, but then as soon as the baby rears its ugly, unborn head, it’s time to exorcise that inconvenience from their lives. People can argue that women should be able to do what they want with their bodies and what not, but there is no single point where the “fetus” stops being an inhuman inconvenience and transforms to a human. As soon as that heart starts beating it’s on. Life-threatening situations aside, there are a few decent things to do once you light that candle of life, and none of them is to extinguish it.


If you think the risk of being homeless with children is a matter of convenience versus inconvenience then you are beyond wrong, you are heartless, you lack compassion and you need to shut the fuck up already.


I sincerely hope this “friend” has shown you and your equally ignorant, judgmental wife the door for even beginning to think this way.

Also can you please not compare people calling your wife out for spewing hateful, bigoted bullshit to a god damn lynch mob. fuck you for that alone you piece of shit.


A sweet and caring human being, modified-momma, asked for my advice in trying to convince her friend to not kill her prenatal child. I gave her some ideas to try and she was immediately attacked by the hate-filled pro-choice advocates infesting tumblr. She simply wanted to save a child from the cruelty of abortion and the most rabid single-minded selfish human beings among us — those in favor of killing prenatal children — relentlessly attacked her.

When all you have left is hurling profanities, you know you don’t hold the moral high-ground. In fact, if you believe that killing the most vulnerable members of our human family is the right thing to do, that your life comes before your own child’s, you hold no ground at all. You are an empty and depraved human being devoid of self respect and empathy.

Thank you modified-momma for standing up for life. If only everyone who knows that abortion is wrong would do the same, this human atrocity would come to an immediate end.

If you are pro-life and respect someone who will speak on behalf of our prenatal children, I encourage you to contact modified-momma and thank her for taking a stand.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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