Headline news of Daily Mail: “Mother who wants £500,000 because doctors didn’t say her baby might be disabled: We would have aborted her, insist parents of girl who lived to 11”. Thoughts?


Read the first few sentences closely…

The mother of a disabled girl who died at the age of 11 is suing for compensation, claiming doctors had failed to warn her that she could be born handicapped.

Joanne Chinnock says she ‘didn’t want a damaged child’ and would have terminated her pregnancy if she had been told her baby had a one-in-13 chance of being seriously abnormal.

Her daughter Bethany Chinnock-Schumann had an extremely rare chromosomal disorder which left her nearly blind and in ‘almost constant pain’.

She died in 2009, but Miss Chinnock and her partner Paul Schumann told a court they would ‘almost certainly’ have asked for an abortion if they had been fully informed of the risks.

They have now made a claim for £500,000 to compensate them for the damage done to their lives and their careers – and to make up for the cost of raising their daughter.

Two things strike me the most:

  1. They would have killed their child because she might not have been ‘perfect’, even though there was a 13 to 1 chance she would have been ‘normal’.

  2. They want compensation for not having been provided the information they needed to decide to KILL their child because of the damage done to THEIR lives and THEIR careers!

They claim their child lived a life of ‘almost constant pain’, yet they aren’t even suing because of her suffering, they are suing because of THEIR ‘suffering’. This speaks volumes about what is wrong with the entire concept of having the legal choice to KILL your own child. These parents are sick and demented human beings. The only circumstances worse than this depraved situation are parents who kill their children because of their gender or to reduce a multiple pregnancy.

If you are pro-choice and you aren’t waking up to the horror of human abortion, you seriously need to take some time to reflect on who you have become.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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