I don’t know for sure, but I’m going to assume you’re a Christian. I’m a Catholic, and I of course don’t believe in abortion under any circumstance, no matter how the child is conceived, it’s still a child and still has a right to life. I was just curious… In your opinion, do you think most Christians are pro-life? My aunt is Baptist, pro-choice, and I never quite understood how any Christian could support the act of killing an unborn baby. What are your thoughts on pro-choice Christians?


Actually, I’m an atheist. Abortion is not a religious issue, it’s a human rights issue. All innocent human beings deserve the right to live, regardless of their age, size, location, or stage of development. Each of us were once a prenatal child and look at us now. Just because we were unable to speak or be seen while living in the womb does not justify the legal right of our mothers to kill us.

Most Christians identify as pro-life under most circumstances, but the use of the term ‘pro-life’ under these circumstances is a misnomer. If you believe that abortion is acceptable in cases of rape, for example, then you are clearly pro-choice. I, like you, cannot understand how a Christian could advocate for the slaughter of prenatal children. Killing is clearly a violation of the ten commandments, the foundation Christianity is built upon.

It’s important that abortion is always framed as a human rights issue, not a religious issue. Different religions hold different beliefs. Science has clearly proven that life begins at fertilization. In fact, every characteristic that defines us, including our sex, hair color, eye color, personality traits, and thousands of other characteristics were determined at the instant our parent’s haploid DNA carriers fused. From that moment on, our right to life should be protected by the law.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. There is a word for Christian pro-choicers: hypocrites.

    The way this works is this: Many, many Christians today, even ones that turn up on Sundays and sit in pews are Christians In Name Only (CINOs).
    To them Jesus Christ’s teaching is a type of buffet: “I’ll take what I like but “not agree” with what I don’t like”.

    Regretfully, the bulk of Christians who think like this are young women. Young tertiary educated christian women have thoroughly absorbed feminism. This is so thorough that they never critically look at feminism so its’ grip on their lives is rock-solid. It is Christs’ teaching that must bend to it, not the other way around. Thus, the cherry-pick of christian teaching.

    Christian parents, like their secular counterparts will emphasise education for their daughters like they do their sons. What they fail to do is to consider biology in the equation. Thus, when sons can get an education, learn a trade and establish a career, this is fine, because a man’s reproductive window is long.
    Not so a womans’. She has up to 35, after which her fertility drops drastically.
    The correct thing to say to a daughter is to by all means go on to education. Learn, get a trade. But she is to find and marry, early, a young man that is suitable. Delaying marriage, having a series of ‘boyfriends’ and ‘not being ready’ mean long periods of sexual activity without procreation.Christian women do this just as much as their secular counterparts.

    The safety net of these long periods is abortion.

    Christians, then, hate abortion, and equally hate fornication (sex outside marriage). Christian parents, though want the “safety net” of abortion “just in case” their educated and wayward daughters get themselves into trouble. In order not to appear hypocritical , they call themselves “pro-choice”, but they are a part of the problem.

    This may be offensive to some, but I don’t care. Someone needs to say this and call it out.


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