Why do people always want newborns? My three siblings were adopted at six, nine and eight. They were all child abuse victims, who needed a safe place. A reason I am pro choice is because the eight year old was an unwanted pregnancy to a young mother. She wasn’t helped, or given any advice, as a result he had seven years of unimaginable torture. He was taken from her when he missed school for a month. He was found in the cupboard, unconscious due to starvation. His mother had killed herself.


Life can sometimes be brutally difficult. For this one story, there are thousands of stories of children born as the result of an unwanted teenage pregnancy that did not suffer abuse. I am one of those children. In fact, I was thoroughly loved and protected.

I want you to look your adopted brother in the eye and ask him if he wishes he were dead today. Ask him if he would give up his life right now because of his hardships as a child. If not, then he wouldn’t want to have been aborted either.

Your argument could also be applied to infants and toddlers. Why stop with prenatal children? Why not kill all children who find themselves in bad situations? Remember, there is life beyond childhood. Your adopted brother will go on to find love, marriage, have children, and build his own life. A life he thoroughly deserves to live to the fullest regardless of the manner of his conception or the failings of his mother.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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