I’m doing a pro-life/gender roles project for sociology (please help?). If you met a 16 year old boy who wanted his girlfriend to have an abortion, what would you say to him (not the girl). If a man refuses to pay for a child he created (including medical pills from pregnancy) should he be prosecuted? Should young girls be taught that they’re expected to become mothers?


For the 16 year old boy wanting his girlfriend to kill his son or daughter, I would explain to him that all innocent human life is precious and should be respected. I would explain to him that the child growing inside his girlfriend is just as real as he was when he was at that stage of development. I would tell him that both his girlfriend and his child deserve all of his support in order to keep them both healthy and alive. Actions have consequences and men and women face those consequences, they don’t kill their own children to avoid responsibility.

As a society, we must hold men fully accountable for the children they help to conceive. They should pay their fair share to ensure access to prenatal healthcare and a safe birth. If they run from fatherhood, they should also pay child support until their son or daughter reaches their eighteenth birthday. And yes, if he refuses to provide support, he should be incarcerated.

Young girls should not be taught that they are expected to become mothers, but that they are capable of becoming mothers. The decision to have children is completely up to each individual, but this decision must be made and enforced prior to impregnation. Once a woman becomes pregnant, she has a responsibility to protect the person growing inside of her, allowing them to continue their life journey. It is simply the way reproduction works.

Attempting to circumvent this process after a new human being is conceived by aborting that person is wrong and immoral. Poisoning or slaughtering a person living in the womb is no different than poisoning or slaughtering them outside of the womb.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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