While I respect everyone’s opinions, you use emotional manipulation and twisted facts to get your point across. Half the things you say are in reality false. A fetus can’t feel pain in the first term of pregnancy, it hasn’t formed the neuron-pathways nor the brain capacity to think or feel. A legal abortion only takes place when the fetus is little more than multiplying cells preparing to become specialised. You’re free to preach your opinion but stop manipulating people to do it.


I never stated that we could feel pain in the first trimester. I do firmly believe that we were able to feel pain around the middle to end of the second trimester. Look at this premature child who transitioned from the womb in the second trimester and tell me that you could rip their arms and legs off without the sensation of pain. If you have even the slightest capacity for common sense, you will not deny the obvious.

Why do I bring up the second trimester? Because, according to the Guttmacher Institute, 12% of all abortions occur in the second and third trimester. That means 5,256,000 prenatal children are killed every year on this planet after the first trimester, when they are likely to feel pain.

But the irony is that none of this matters. It doesn’t matter if we feel pain from the moment of fertilization to the moment of birth or if we never feel pain. Killing an innocent living human being, whether born or not, is wrong and represents the worst of humanity.

I assume you are not from America as you believe abortion is legal only while we are ‘little more than multiplying cells’. In America, as well as many other places around the world, abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy [Doe v. Bolton]. Please watch this video to educate yourself on what we actually look like when we are most likely to be aborted, which is between seven and eight weeks old.

And yes, I most definitely use emotional manipulation to change minds, but I do not twist facts. Killing children is an emotional subject. Only those who advocate for this practice want to remove emotion from the argument. The reality is that this is impossible to do. Although you may not have any emotional attachment to your fellow human beings while they are awaiting their turn at birth, many of us do. We do not place our selfish desires above the life of another, no matter how small or dependent they may be.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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