Here’s a hypothetical:

A 24 year old medical intern finds herself pregnant after the condom breaks when she’s having sex with her boyfriend. She’s a student – she doesn’t have the money to pay for the costly medical expenses of a pregnancy. She doesn’t have the time to take off for the physical demands of pregnancy. Even if she did want the baby, she couldn’t possibly have a healthy pregnancy working 36 hour shifts and living off of coffee and hospital cafeteria food. She probably won’t have another shot at an internship like the one she has. Her relationship with her boyfriend was good, but they weren’t in a place where they were ready for the commitment of having children together.

And a pro-lifer would look at that situation and tell that woman that she should fuck her entire life to hell in order – literally ruin everything – to incubate a baby that she doesn’t want.

And I cannot fathom why.


You can’t fathom why because it’s not your life that is being ended. Now that you have made it safely out of the womb, you are happy to see others killed for convenience. That baby she is ‘incubating’ is just as real as you were while being ‘incubated’ within your mother’s womb and is just as real as you are now. Can’t you see that we are the same human being today that we were at the moment of our conception?

Using violence against an innocent child to avoid caring for them is cruel and wrong.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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