Reposting this, because I’ve seen some people whining about how pro-choice disagrees with abortion clinics having hallway regulations. So, I revived this, since their main argument for that is – you guessed it! – GOSNELL!


That’s Gosnell’s set up. We already know what Gosnell did was horrible and terrible, inhumane and disgusting. He broke laws, not just with abortion, but with vaccines for children, as well. (He didn’t keep them at the appropriate temperature or have them in a proper refrigeration system.) That is not a typical operating room for a clinic; that is too crammed, too dirty, and doesn’t have proper lighting.

However, Gosnell is not the same as all doctors who perform abortions.

Here’s some more clean – and less crowded – operating rooms where abortions are performed:

The operating theatre of the BPAS Abortion Clinic in Streatham. Pictured are the Abortion Register, the Anesthetic machine and an ultrasound scanner.

As you see, reputable clinics keep it one bed/one patient to a room, makes sure to have large lamps, and has appropriate equipment. They also appear much cleaner and much more hospitable, don’t you think?

Stop trying to spread fear through cherry-picking and finding the worst to justify your argument. That’s like saying all pit bulls are violent, based on a select few. On the whole, clinics that offer abortion are safe, friendly, and clean.


This is incredible. You are actually trying to justify killing prenatal children based on how CLEAN and PRESENTABLE the room where they will be dismembered is? Are you serious?

Do you think that it really matters if the abortion chamber is plated in gold and adorned with diamonds and rubies or if it’s dimly lit and hasn’t been remodeled since the 1970s? Either way, the human being facing the slaughter of abortion ends up the same way — in pieces.


But at least the room this 13 week old child was killed in was nice and clean!

Abortion kills innocent living human beings and is a crime against humanity. It is our holocaust.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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